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April, B.1998 is a Glasgow Based Contemporary Artist, graduating from the Glasgow School of Art. She studied a BA (Hons) in Sculpture & Environmental Art and a Master of Letters in Fine Art Practice. Recent solo exhibitions include the Briggait Glasgow & Gleneagles Hotel. 

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My work explores the inherent agency of rural landscapes, manifested through the transient nature of both its animals and materials. Living in a rural town between Glasgow and Edinburgh, rich in industrial heritage and situated off the River Clyde, my practice merges painting and sculpture. It captures moments of collapse, renewal, regeneration, land ownership, and placemaking within nature.

My application of knowledge comes through an exploration of touch, abstraction and iconography of objecthood in the Post-Industrial landscape. In my work, I am thinking a lot about purposeful entanglements, I am building myself up in the studio, drawing and painting towards a state of losing control with the work. The materiality of the substance of paint has so much vitality, colour and density. My process of layering paint inevitably ends with a collapse, one side of the painting gives way to the other creating a horizontal or vertical cut. Renewal, regeneration and collapse simultaneously occur within my paintings, I associate such process directly this to the transformability of landscape.

My home in Lanarkshire, formerly known as Clydesdale, was historically recognized as a rich industrial county, renowned for coal mining, steel production, agriculture, and fruit farming. Tim Ingold's text, "The Temporality of Landscape," underscores this, arguing that landscapes are not merely spatial entities but are deeply intertwined with both human and non-human processes. Ingold's concept of a Dwelling Perspective has been instrumental in shaping my understanding of my own relationships with the material and human landscape. 

My usage of colour is a primary element, drawn from characteristics within the natural environment, but more directly from archival material and documentation of objecthood. I am intrigued by light, all of my works have a distinctive highlight and lowlight, a language adopted from the physicality of the material world. Colour I find to be challenging, my understanding of it remains in its infancy, and has done for many years.

The question of provisionally in painting I find to be challenging as much of my process and preparation plays out in real time, almost performatively on to the flat canvas. Notions of rejection, imperfection and the unpolished, I find work best in the work when there is lesser preplanning. I find that when I draw too much prior to painting, the information or language becomes too complex or tentative, like poorly replicated sketches from archive. In order to fully embrace the notion of the unknown in creative research, one must be willing to rebuild and revisit- Even be willing to reject the work entirely and start afresh.




                (Pending) Glasgow School of Art, Master of Letters in Fine Art Practice.

2019- 2023


         Glasgow School of Art, BA(Hons) Sculpture and Environmental Art. (First-Class)

2018- 2019


Tramway Visual Arts Studio, Foundation Art Course.



City of Glasgow College, Diploma in Contemporary Art Practice. 

Solo Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions


  • Echoes of Renewal in Rust, Gleneagles Hotel, UK. 

  • Beyond The Surface, The Briggait Front-Galleries, Glasgow, UK. 

  • Print! W2 Men's Store, West End, Glasgow, UK.



  • Salon Des Inclusions, Annex Gallery, The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK.

  • Do you know who I am? Wasps South Block Gallery, Glasgow, UK.

  • Come for Supper, The Drawing Room, The Glasgow School of Art, UK. 


  • Early Days, Barnes Garage Space, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK.

  • Shoulder's of Giants, GSA Graduate Show, Glasgow Art Club, UK.

  • Society of Scottish Artists Annual Exhibition, McLaurin Gallery, Ayr, UK.

  • Big Arts Show, Paisley Art Department, Glasgow, UK.

  • Undergraduate Degree Show, Stow Building, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK.

  • WEST, Visual Arts Scotland, The Briggait, Glasgow, UK.

  • Surplus, The Axiom Building, Glasgow, UK.     

  • Exhibit A, Govan Project Space, Glasgow, UK.



  • 130 Years, Scottish Society of Artists, Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) Edinburgh, UK. 

  • Past-Present-Future, Sink Space, Stow College, Glasgow, UK.

  • Material Matters-Remade, French Street Gallery, Glasgow, UK.

  • Artefact, Sink Space, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK.

  • Infinite Worlds, Saltspace Gallery, High St, Glasgow, UK.

  • Autumn Exhibition, Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow, UK.

  • Argyll Art Map, Midton Open Event, Lochgilphead, UK.

  • Big Art Show, Outspoken Arts Scotland, Department A, Paisley, UK.

  • Annuale 2022, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, UK.

  • Reconfiguration, Saltspace Gallery, Glasgow, UK.

  • Spring Exhibition, Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow, UK.

  • Shedded Wheat, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow, UK.



  • Maximum Tilt, Saltspace Members Exhibition. Saltspace Gallery, High St, Glasgow, UK.

  • Art of the Possible, Glasgow Art Club, Bath St, Glasgow, UK.

  • The Walking Forest, Strathclyde University Gardens, Glasgow, UK.



  • Emergence showcase, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow School of Art, UK.

  • Meet the Members Exhibition, Scottish Society of Artists online exhibition, UK.

  • Conscious Subconscious, McLellan Galleries, McLellan works, Glasgow, UK.

  • Representing Reality, McLellan Galleries, McLellan Works, Glasgow, UK. 



  • Visual Arts Studio, End of Year Showcase. Tramway, Albert Drive, Glasgow, UK.



  • Contemporary Art Practice Showcase, Ralph Cowan Gallery, City of Glasgow College, UK.


Professional Experience

  • The Glasgow School of Art, Learning & Technology, User Support Assistant, Library Services. January 2024-Present.

  • The University of Glasgow, Widening Participation Postgraduate Tutor. October 2023- Present

  • Glasgow School of Art, UK. September 2022-Present

  • Art Tutor, Studio Glasgow, UK. July - Oct 2023

  • Midton Acrylics 2021-2022







  • Glasgow University Magazine (GUM) Facebook

Talks /Interviews


  • Artists Talk, Surplus Exhibition, Saltspace Gallery, March 2023.


  • Presentation of practice, Glasgow School of Art virtual Undergraduate Open event. September 2022. 

  • Materials Matter (2022) Documentary By Jen Martin. Materials Matter - Remade - YouTube





  • Hospitalfield House, Arbroath. Group Residency with City of Glasgow College.




  • Wasps Studios: Most Original Artwork at 'Do you know who I am' Exhibition. Glasgow, UK. 

  • Selected Artist: Emerging Sculpture Award at Edinburgh Park, Edinburgh, UK.

  • GSASA Student Initiated Funding Award.

  • GSA People 2024: Partnership Award, Library Services.

  • GSA Teaching Awards, 'Students do great stuff' Runner up.



  • The WASPS Award (Solo Show) Scottish Society of Artist's Show at the MacLaurin Gallery, Ayr, UK.

  • Society of Scottish Artists, New Graduate Award (Highly Commended).


  • Barns-Graham Prize, Scottish Society of Artists at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, UK.

  • Duais a' chon mhoir prize, Big Arts Show, Paisley, UK.

  • Midton acrylic's year long research collaboration, Glasgow School of Art, UK.



  •  Cop 26, Golden Monkey Award. 


  • SIE, Scottish Institute of Enterprise. SISA Level 2 Innovation Catalyst. Glasgow School of Art, UK. 

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